Home Education Convention Sketchnotes

Home Education Convention Sketchnotes

Home education is something that we have been thinking about doing for a while, but after a lackluster kindergarten year, we decided it was time. Following many hours researching different curricula, approaches, and methods, we are using the Charlotte Mason method. She prescribes more of a philosophy about how children should learn, and it fit us and our family well. We found a great website, Ambleside Online, that has taken the ideas of Charlotte Mason and devised a curriculum that we have found to be extremely helpful.

To kick off our first year, on 4 Jun 2011, we attended the annual Utah Home Education Association convention in Salt Lake City, UT. There were a number of great breakout classes to choose from, and we felt like it was well worth our time in attending.

I captured the different sessions in sketchnotes and thought I would share them here:

UHEA Convention Sketchnotes 1

UHEA Convention Sketchnotes 2

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