LDS Tech Conference 2012

LDS Tech Conference 2012

Last week, I posted about how being a Mormon meant that I was able to participate in a semi-annual General Conference. This week, I am posting about how being a Mormon means that I had the chance to participate in a very different conference. Every year for the past three years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the official name of the Mormon church) has held an LDS Tech Conference. This is a gathering of volunteers who come together to meet with employees to learn about the technology efforts of the LDS Church as well as to contribute to ongoing projects.

I attended this year for the first time and was richly rewarded. The conference spanned Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon, with a keynote address Wednesday, various presentations and speakers in the mornings, and then the chance to work on volunteer projects each afternoon. It was exciting to me to see all the different efforts that are underway to give more church members access to meaningful experiences through the use of technology. I also enjoyed the chance to truly contribute during the course of the conference. It will be great to see how things move forward, and I look forward to participating again next year.

Included here are my sketchnotes from the event.

LDS Tech 2012 Sketchnotes 1

LDS Tech 2012 Sketchnotes 2

LDS Tech 2012 Sketchnotes 3

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