Release Notes 2016 Sketchnotes

Release Notes 2016 Sketchnotes

Release Notes was a fantastic experience. Like many people with whom I spoke as the conference ended, I suspect that it will take a week or two for all of the great information and advice to sink in. Fortunately, sketchnoting the conference is a big help for me personally to remember the talks. If you came to the conference, hopefully these can help you as well. And if not, hopefully you will enjoy them all the same, and learn from the great speakers.

PDF of entire collection (8 MB)

Release Notes 01

Release Notes 02 Cristina Warren: It will be fine…probably (Part I)

Release Notes 03 Cristina Warren: It will be fine…probably (Part II)

Release Notes 04 Greg Pierce: Navigating indie life

Release Notes 05 David Sparks: Legal advice for developers

Release Notes 06 App Camp for Girls: Donate

Release Notes 07 Matthew Bischoff: Write your way out

Release Notes 08 Ariel Michaeli: Is your app ready to make money?

Release Notes 09 Sarah Hatter: How to improve at support as a developer

Release Notes 10 Jaimee Newberry: The art of the sell

Release Notes 11 Litha Soyizwapi: A long walk to app development

Release Notes 12 Rich Siegel: Better marketing through cupcakes

Release Notes 13 Stephen Hackett: Myths and adjustments for indie life

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