My story

My story

I believe that when we are vulnerable and expose our fragility, that act creates a safe space for others to do the same. To that end, the first series that I write will be to share my own experience discovering the world of mental health. As I have been more open about my journey, especially at work, I have found countless others who have had similar experiences but have kept them private. They are often glad for the chance to discuss their struggles in a safe environment. Here’s to increased awareness and decreased stigma!

Articles in series

(Each title will be a link when the article is written)

Background and upbringing

One of the first things that I discovered when beginning therapy was to appreciate the impact that my previous life experiences have on my current situation. As I have talked with others, it seems clear that my experience is not unique. We all pass through moments that shape us into who we are today, and in order to understand ourselves, it is helpful to look back on our own history.

Suggestion of counseling

As someone who grew up largely ignorant of mental health, and the situations and resources connected with it, I was completely taken aback when someone suggested that I consider counseling.

Back pain and panic attacks

Mental health and physical health can be intimately connected, as I found out when I had my first personal exposure to a mental health crisis.

Trying out therapy

My first experience with talk therapy was uncomfortable, awkward, and unfulfilling. I have since had fantastic experiences, but the beginning was anything but.

Diagnosed with OCD

Telling my manager

Chemical experiments

Suicidal ideation

Healing retreat

Treatment center

Real psychiatric help

Returning to life

Finding my calling

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