😂 Having a moment

😂 Having a moment

My wife came down to grab her phone and called a greeting through my office door. I popped out to say hi, and we were embracing when our 8yo came down the stairs. I didn’t know who it was, but I could hear a child coming down, so I said, “Hold on! We’re having a moment.”

From the stairs, he said, “Nuts!”

Then he came around the corner and saw us kissing, he said, “Ew! Ok, I will wait.”

After maybe ten more seconds, he said, “You guys do that all the time. You’ve done it for like 50 days.”

Wife: “Oh, I wish!”

Me: “One day, maybe you will have a moment too, with your wife.”

8yo: “I don’t think I’ll want to do that.”

We couldn’t keep going for laughing, so we separated, and I started for him, and said, “Now it’s your turn!”

8yo: “Yikes! No, I don’t want that.”

After we talked for a little bit (about the coupons), he went to leave, and I said, “Now I want to have to have a moment with you.”

8yo: “Ok, but no kissing.”

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