😂 Pull out my brain

😂 Pull out my brain

A week ago, we had to take the 2yo to the Instacare. She had nursemaid’s elbow and needed to have it popped back in place. Yesterday, the 4yo fell and got a bump on his head. Today, as I changed his diaper, I found out he had been thinking about those two things.

4yo: “You can take my sister to the Instacare but never me.”

Me: “Oh. Why’s that?”

4yo: “Cuz I’m scared of the doctor and the Instacare. So I am never going.”

Me: “How come?”

4yo, exasperated: “I just told you!”

Me: “No, how come are you scared? What are you afraid of?”

4yo: “When my sister went they pulled out her arm. If I go, they will miss the bump and pull out my brain.”

Me: “I would never let that happen to you.”

He looked back at me with delight on his face, and said nothing more about it.

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