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LDSHE 2022 Liz Simmons Sketchnotes

As LDSHE 2022 continued, I loved Liz Simmons’s keynote address. It is so important to learn how God works in our life, and understand His view. Being wrong can lead us to being humble.

LDSHE Sketchnotes Liz Simmons

LDSHE Sketchnotes Liz Simmons

Upcoming General Conference

Apr 22 General Conference Intro

This weekend is one I always eagerly anticipate. It will be General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Typically I enjoy sketchnoting the conference, but I have to travel this weekend and will miss most of it. I look forward to catching up next week.

If you could use some more peace in your life, I invite you to join in to hear uplifting messages about the Savior and how we can feel and spread His love.

Find details here: April 2022 General Conference.

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