Ben Norris

General Conference

General Conference is a biannual conference for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The first weekend in April and October, we gather to hear messages about Jesus Christ and living His Gospel.

As often as I can, I capture sketchnotes of the conference talks and share them here.

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Not tests

This was a great reminder for me:

The commandments and covenants [The Savior] offers you are not tests to control you. They are a gift to lift you toward receiving all the gifts of God and returning home to your Heavenly Father and the Lord, who love you.

Henry B. Eyring, Legacy of Encouragement

⛪️ Christ heals

This spoke to me deeply this morning from Amy Wright: Christ Heals That Which Is Broken.

My dear friends, we all have something in our lives that is broken that needs to be mended, fixed, or healed. As we turn to the Savior, as we align our hearts and minds with Him, as we repent, He comes to us “with healing in his wings,” puts His arms lovingly around us, and says, “It’s OK. You are only 5—or 16, 23, 48, 64, 91. We can fix this together!”

I testify that there is nothing in your life that is broken that is beyond the curative, redeeming, and enabling power of Jesus Christ.

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