Hand-Drawn Presentation

Hand-Drawn Presentation

A few months ago, we started adding to our Product Management group at my day job. Previously, I was the only Product Owner, and I was swamped. Many people were confused about how we were going to structure our group and how they would work together with us. I created a presentation to explain how things were before our change, and how we expected them to become with the additions to our group.

I decided that the presentation should be one that I enjoyed creating, and hopefully everyone else would enjoy seeing as well. I grabbed a couple introductory images for each section, but then hand-drew all the rest of the images. There are almost no words in the slide deck, and it purposely does not stand on its own. This is not a slideument—a term coined by Garr Reynolds to describe a slide deck that is really a document. Without my presenting, the slides alone don’t make sense. Although I only included a few example slides here, the half-hour presentation contains almost 200 slides. Instead of creating complicated builds and animations on a few slides, I constructed the builds over the course of a few slides, and move through them quickly. The result is a deck that I enjoy and has been effective in explaining our organization and process.

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