Peers 2018 Sketchnotes

Peers 2018 Sketchnotes

Our iOS team had the opportunity to attend Peers Conference for the first time this year, and had a fantastic experience. I plan on writing more about our experience and my thoughts, but I first wanted to post the sketchnotes that I took.

PDF of entire collection (13 MB)


peers-2018-sketchnote-02 Leanne Shapton—Intro to GraphQL Workshop

peers-2018-sketchnote-03 Tanya Tarr—How to Negotiate with Difficult Personalities

peers-2018-sketchnote-04 Garrett Winder—Productizing Web Services to Stabilize Business Cash Flow

peers-2018-sketchnote-05 Charles Perry—Brute-Forcing Customer Acquisition with Cold Email

peers-2018-sketchnote-06 Natalie & Anthony Armendariz, Jamie (& Ian) Landsman, Natalie & Chris Nagele—Partnership Panel: Making Marriage and Business Work

peers-2018-sketchnote-07 Joe Rinaldi—Building a Reliable Business Development Process

peers-2018-sketchnote-08 Eryn O’Neil—So You’re the Tech Lead? Now What?

peers-2018-sketchnote-09 Cat Johnson—Online, But Alone: A Case for In-Person Communities

peers-2018-sketchnote-10 Cecy Correa—The Psychology of Fake News (And What Tech Can Do About It)

peers-2018-sketchnote-11 Manton Reece—Indie Microblogging

peers-2018-sketchnote-12 Sameera Kapila—Desinging Diversity and Inclusion

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