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Moving my blog to

My blog at has been a great experience. I set it up a few years ago to be a Jekyll blog and hosted it on GitHub Pages. I loved the flexibility this gave me, along with the performance of a static site. Over time, I figured out how to run it almost all from my iOS devices.

One of the downsides of this setup was the temptation to tinker. Because it was all in my control, I spent many hours tweaking things to get it just how I want on that particular day. Being a bit of a designer and developer, I have the curse of perma-tweaking that I have to resist. I finally decided that my time and energy were better directed elsewhere.

I have instead gone all in on I have long posted my content there, and have published microposts on my blog. Manton Reece has done a phenomenal job at building up the community and infrastructure of so that it is both a blog hosting platform as well as a social network, and I am now going to use both.

My new sites: handles:

My content will be cross-posted to Twitter with matching usernames, so if people prefer to find or engage with content there, I will continue to have a presence. But moving forward, I will be posting everything to one of my own sites first. Each of my sites has a JSON/RSS feed where you can subscribe if you want. Hopefully this makes it easy for people to choose the content that interests them most and follow or engage it with it easily.

The vision of resonates strongly with me, and I am excited to fully participate in that community. Here’s to many more great years of sharing knowledge and creating meaningful interactions!

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