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🎧🎙️ Mind mechanics

This is such a great analogy. Jocko talks about how he started to understand mental health as he first talked with Jordan Peterson.

The mind is like a car, and psychologists or therapists are like mind mechanics who can help when the mind breaks down.

🎧🎙️ Start walking

Right after I posted some clips from a Jocko Underground podcast, a new episode came out. I loved the analogy Jocko gave of being stuck in a forest and needing to start walking to figure out where you are and where to go.

He summed it up so well: “You’re not going to be able to do anything until you do something.”

🎧🎙️ A good person

Jocko’s sense of humor cracks me up. It’s fun when he breaks a little and laughs at what he’s saying. This clip is him talking about the children’s books he’s written.

🎧🎙️ Your kid is five

This answer from Jocko is one of my favorites. Whenever I catch myself getting too serious about something, I hear his big sigh.

Bro, your kid is five…

The Wireframing Book

A new book is coming out soon, and it will be a fantastic resource to anyone wanting to build better software. Written by Michael Angeles, Leon Barnard, and Billy Carlson, this will share knowledge and insights from some of the best in the business.

Wireframe book

A product design book written for everyone on a software team, regardless of size or configuration. See how wireframes can help teams design better together and learn how to design and communicate better by focusing on structure instead of pixels.

You’ll want to sign up to be notified when it’s available on the Balsamiq website.

🎧🎙️ Emotions are part of the calculus

A recurring theme in my writing is acknowledging and allowing emotions. It can be so easy to swing between the extremes or being ruled by emotions, and disallowing and discounting them completely. I loved this clip from Jocko about finding the middle ground, and respecting emotions while not allowing them to take over.

😂 Pull out my brain

A week ago, we had to take the 2yo to the Instacare. She had nursemaid’s elbow and needed to have it popped back in place. Yesterday, the 4yo fell and got a bump on his head. Today, as I changed his diaper, I found out he had been thinking about those two things.

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